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Aki Onozuka-Evans, MBA, AACC

ADHD Coach, Professional Coach, ADHD Life Coach

Aki is a seasoned personal and professional development coach who specializes in executive function and ADHD, leveraging her expertise to help clients discover and utilize their innate talents and overcome challenges to achieve success.


Her prior experience as a management consultant leading market development projects for Fortune 100 companies has honed her skills in project planning, business framework design, and cross-departmental strategic initiatives for clients spanning diverse industries such as finance, healthcare, IT, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, and retail distribution.

Following the birth of her first child, Aki made the decision to transition to independent consulting to work from home, partnering with several start-up companies to develop strategic business plans and human capital development initiatives to optimize performance and productivity for Chief HR Officers. Her work was widely lauded for its innovative, insightful, and articulate approach, and she co-authored numerous articles with the Chief HR Officer on organizational design and strategic execution capabilities.

Aki's foray into ADHD began almost a decade ago when she first observed her daughter's difficulty paying attention. Subsequently, she discovered that everyone in her family (except herself) had ADD/ADHD. Since then, she has dedicated herself to learning and educating others on ADHD and executive function as a personal and professional development coach. She has completed her foundational training and continually improves her skills through advanced programs as she works towards her certification credentials.

As both a mother and a coach, Aki recognizes the critical importance of identifying and amplifying an individual's strengths to foster confidence and success and has an intimate understanding of the daily struggles faced by families impacted by ADHD. She brings knowledge and empathy to her coaching, often delivered with a compassionate touch of humor. Aki recently relocated with her family (including her husband, two children aged 17 and 13, and a beloved 80-pound Bernedoodle) from Atlanta, GA, to Colorado.

ADHD Coach Academy           

Life Coaching & ADHD Coaching 


Georgetown University      
American University        

Strategic Management      

International Relations & Economics



She is a member of:

ICF Member
ADDA member
ADDCA Graduate
Flyer OptimalMinds Professional Coach for ADHD Adults
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