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Aki Onozuka-Evans, MBA, AACC

Aki Onozuka-Evans

Aki is a personal and professional development coach who specializes in executive function and ADHD. She is passionate about exploring the clients' true strengths and finding ways to leverage their talents and challenges into successes. 

Previously, Aki worked as a management consultant leading market development projects for Fortune 100 companies. She specialized in project planning, designing business frameworks, and managing various cross-departmental strategic initiatives. She served clients from a wide variety of industries including finance, healthcare, IT, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, and retail distribution. 

After having her first child, she decided to become an independent consultant so she could work from home. She worked with several start-up companies creating their strategic business plans. She also created human capital development plans to improve performance and productivity for the Chief HR Officer. Aki's work was known for being insightful, innovative, and articulate. She also published several articles on organizational design and strategic execution capabilities with the Chief HR Officer.

Aki's journey in the area of ADHD began almost 10 years ago when she noticed that her daughter was not paying much attention although she looked like she was. A few years later, she found out everyone in the family (except Aki) had ADD/ADHD. Since then, she has devoted much of her time educating herself and her family by becoming a personal and professional development coach specializing in ADHD and executive function.  She has completed her basic training and continues to hone her skills in advanced programs as she works toward her certification credential. 

As a mother and a coach, Aki knows firsthand how important it is to identify and amplify an individual's strengths in order to build their confidence and experience success. She understands the daily struggles families impacted by ADHD face and is able to provide a wealth of knowledge with humor and compassion. 

Aki lived in Atlanta, GA for almost 15 years but recently moved to Colorado with her family with a husband, two children (17 & 13), and 80 lbs Bernedoodle.

ADHD Coach Academy           

Life Coaching & ADHD Coaching 


Georgetown University      
American University        

Strategic Management      

International Relations & Economics



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