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Reconciling the Gap Between

Ability & Performance

with a special focus on

Executive Function / ADHD



Productivity Coaching

for Professionals

  • Bridge a gap between your abilities and output.

  • Identify specific workflow & tasks that may be holding keys to improve the overall process efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Explore ways to remain engaged and productive from your home office. Figure out what you need to do things differently.

Productivity Coaching

for College Students

  • Horn your self-management skills and develop ways to build confidence when facing challenges.

  • Explore your hidden strengths and use them to your advantage to overcome hurdles. 

  • Identify the best way to learn, engaged, and be motivated with classwork. Reassure goals and responsibilities and adjust accordingly.

Family Coaching

for Families Impacted by ADHD

  • Identify the reasons behind their actions, habits, and challenges.

  • Develop strategies to address their behaviors while cultivating self-confidence and independence.

  • Equip parents with knowledge and techniques to become everyday coaches at home.

Note: Family coaching requires a parent's commitment to the coaching process. Therefore, all the coaching sessions require the participation of a parent as well as a child. I also recommend the child needs to be at least 16 years old to gain the benefit of coaching.

Executive Function/ADHD Consulting

  • Understand traits of ADHD/ADD and how they manifest in your daily lives

  • Figure out the typical tactics to work and manage ADD/ADHD characteristics

  • Gain better understanding on reasons behind their behaviors


Have You Ever Wondered....

  • There are certain tasks you just don’t like doing?

  • You have trouble taking a large project and breaking it down into achievable pieces? 

  • You have trouble organizing your tasks and prioritizing your busy week? 

  • You have trouble completing the things on your to-do list? 

  • You are always late for appointments/meetings?

  • You tend to procrastinate and have a hard time initiating the task?

  • You want to make things perfect but at the same time, you think about "what if I don't"?

  • You cannot use a calendar to help you remember and plan for long-term activities, tasks, and goals?

When you have ADHD or underdeveloped executive function, getting things done can be a struggle. Through coaching, we can identify how you think, learn, and process differently, and develop strategies that are tailored to your unique conditions and personalities.  

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Appointment time outside of office hours can be arranged upon request to accommodate the work/class schedule and special circumstances. 

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