Reconciling the Gap Between

Ability & Performance

with a special focus on

Executive Function / ADHD

Productivity Coaching
Family Coaching


Productivity Coaching

for Professionals

  • Bridge a gap between your abilities and output.

  • Identify specific workflow & tasks that may be holding keys to improve the overall process efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Explore ways to remain engaged and productive from your home office. Figure out what you need to do things differently.

Productivity Coaching

for College Students

(Currently FULL)

  • Horn your self-management skills and develop ways to build confidence when facing challenges.

  • Explore your hidden strengths and use them to your advantage to overcome hurdles. 

  • Identify the best way to learn, engaged, and be motivated with classwork. Reassure goals and responsibilities and adjust accordingly.

Family Coaching

for Families Impacted by ADHD

(Currently FULL)

  • Identify the reasons behind their actions, habits, and challenges.

  • Develop strategies to address their behaviors while cultivating self-confidence and independence.

  • Equip parents with knowledge and techniques to become everyday coaches at home.

Note: Family coaching requires a parent's commitment to the coaching process. Therefore, all the coaching sessions require the participation of a parent as well as a child. I also recommend the child needs to be at least 16 years old to gain the benefit of coaching.

Executive Function/ADHD Consulting

  • Understand traits of ADHD/ADD and how they manifest in your daily lives

  • Figure out the typical tactics to work and manage ADD/ADHD characteristics

  • Gain better understanding on reasons behind their behaviors


Executive Function & ADHD

Executive function (EF) is a set of self-management skills that include: 

  •     Working Memory                   

  •     Flexible Thinking     

  •     Goal Setting

  •     Planning and Organization     

  •     Prioritization          

  •     Self-Control/Impulsivity

These functions are interrelated and operate in coordination with each other. Our brain coordinates this command center and utilizes these skills throughout the day. 

ADHD is a neurological condition involving a developmental impairment of the self-management system that relies on EF. Most people with ADHD struggle with multiple executive function skills making everyday activities more challenging. 

Although ADHD is almost always defined by weakness in executive function skills, many people do not have ADHD yet need support with their EF skills.

Have You Ever Wondered....

  • There are certain tasks you just don’t like doing?

  • You have trouble taking a large project and breaking it down into achievable pieces? 

  • You have trouble organizing your tasks and prioritizing your busy week? 

  • You have trouble completing the things on your to-do list? 

  • You are always late for appointments/meetings?

  • You tend to procrastinate and have a hard time initiating the task?

  • You want to make things perfect but at the same time, you think about "what if I don't"?

  • You cannot use a calendar to help you remember and plan for long-term activities, tasks, and goals?

When you have ADHD or underdeveloped executive function, getting things done can be a struggle. Through coaching, we can identify how you think, learn, and process differently, and develop strategies that are tailored to your unique conditions and personalities.  


My Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is a collaborative partnership process that helps identify and actualize your true potential.

Coaching provides support and strategies for clients to become more adaptable when faced with academic, professional, and life challenges.

We ensure the following four key components to ensure progress. 

Forward Thinking



Reflection & Revise


About Me

Aki is a workflow productivity coach who focuses on executive function and ADHD. Using her previous experience as a management consultant, she identifies areas of potential improvement and provides insights into how her clients optimize their workflow to maximize their daily productivity.

She is also a dedicated family coach offering support for parents who are struggling to navigate their children for success, especially under current tough circumstances. As a mother of ADD/ADHD children, she provides helpful insights into clients' unique challenges and develops tailored strategies to help them maneuver through their roadblocks. 


The sessions are 60 minutes.  Productivity coaching for students (college students) is 45 min. 

If you are a new client, you will have a 45-min introductory session at a discounted rate. We will spend 20 min. introduction and 25 min. on a trial coaching session. Payment is due upon making an appointment. You will have a chance to decide whether you want to commit to 12-weeks sessions. This is important to better understand the coaching process based on clients' goals, concerns, and circumstances. 

Online booking is available until 6 hours prior to the appointment time. 

To cancel or reschedule, please make an online account in order to manage appointments online. You can also contact me via e-mail. Please be sure to cancel/reschedule at least 6 hours before your original appointment time. 

Office Hours







9 am - 5 pm

9 am - 5 pm

9 am - 5 pm 

9 am - 5 pm

9 am - 5 pm

10 am - 2 pm

Appointment time outside of office hours can be arranged upon request to accommodate the work/class schedule and special circumstances. 


What People Say...

"I was diagnosed with ADHD later in life, so I have learned to hide my executive function challenges even from myself and experienced a lot of shame about them through my life. Someone in my grad school program recommended getting an ADHD coach and recommended Aki to me. Investing in myself by working with Aki and fully committing to the process has been life changing. Her expertise in executive dysfunctions, her fabulous energy, support, and shared enthusiasm for my goals and the milestones on the way are just a few of the ingredients that have led to a new level of understanding and self-acceptance, confidence in my ability to overcome the challenges I face, and reduced anxiety about being able to reach my goals. I enthusiastically recommend committing to a 3-month program with Aki to move closer to your dreams at any stage in life."

—  Laura B., WA

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