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Productivity Coaching

for Professionals

Productivity coaching for professionals focuses on identifying strategies and tactics to improve your performance and increase overall productivity through executive function skills. 

Through discussions, we will analyze your workflow patterns and habits to:

  1.  Examine specific actions and their impact level on the overall productivity

  2.  Uncover underlying challenges and difficulties and potential for improvement

  3.  Develop strategies to eliminate roadblocks and inefficiency 

Finding Out Where/What You Can Improve

Executive function skill level varies by individual. Because EF is "acquired" skills over time (from an early age to 30s,) some can have stronger skills than others depending on how they developed these skills in their lives. At the same time, some could have a set of weak skills than others.


However, it is not always easy to detect weak EF skills. EF skills are used throughout the day in multiple activities from project planning to stress management. When people have some weak EF skills, this can be disruptive to carry out some tasks at work. Some may simply consider these as a part of their personalities and say "not so good at it."  They do not always think these are learnable and achievable.

Identifying underdeveloped skills means there are opportunities for improvement. Specifying hidden challenges provides an opportunity to apply different tactics to bypass or maneuver through roadblocks. Eliminating these challenges can be impactful to the overall productivity and output, narrowing the gap between your actual abilities and performance. 

Here is an example of how EF skills are used in every part of the project management cycle.

[Click to Enlarge]

Executive Function Challenges For Professionals

It is not you. It's your brain.

If you are experiencing some difficulties in the areas above, you have an opportunity to strengthen some of your executive function skills and remove obstacles in your daily routine and workflow. Coaching can help develop ways to address them using your strengths and allowing your abilities to produce without dealing with performance blockers. 

Take a quick questionnaire to evaluate your executive function skills!


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