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Productivity Coaching

for Professionals

Productivity coaching for professionals focuses on identifying strategies and tactics to improve your performance and increase overall productivity through executive function skills. 

Through discussions, we will analyze your workflow patterns and habits to:

  1.  Examine specific actions and their impact level on the overall productivity

  2.  Uncover underlying challenges and difficulties and potential for improvement

  3.  Develop strategies to eliminate roadblocks and inefficiency 

Finding Out Where/What You Can Improve

Executive function skills are highly variable across individuals, as they are acquired gradually over time from an early age through to one's thirties. Consequently, some individuals may exhibit stronger EF skills than others, while others may have weaker EF skills.

However, identifying weak EF skills can be challenging, given that these skills are integral to a range of daily activities, from project planning to stress management. Individuals with underdeveloped EF skills may find it difficult to complete certain tasks at work, but may attribute these difficulties to their personalities and not recognize them as learnable or achievable.

Identifying and addressing underdeveloped EF skills presents an opportunity for improvement. By recognizing these challenges, individuals can apply different tactics to bypass or maneuver around roadblocks, ultimately enhancing their productivity and performance and narrowing the gap between their actual abilities and performance.

To illustrate the significance of EF skills, consider the project management cycle, where they are employed in every stage of the process.

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Executive Function Challenges For Professionals

It is not you. It's your brain.

Individuals facing challenges in the aforementioned areas have the opportunity to enhance their executive function skills and overcome obstacles in their daily routines and workflows. Coaching can aid in developing strategies to address these challenges, leveraging one's strengths and enabling one to maximize their abilities without encountering performance blockers.

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