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Productivity Coaching

for College Students

Executive Function / ADHD in College

Executive function skills are self-management abilities in multiple areas. Whether he has been previously diagnosed with ADHD or not, his new "independent" life requires strong executive function abilities to manage a wide variety of activities from day one. These skillsets directly affect their capabilities to navigate through multiple activities throughout the day. 

Parents' Concerns

Parents of college students might wonder if they are able to manage their independent life for the first time. Particularly, ​

  • Is he keeping up with his schedule for all classes, appointments, activities, homework?

  • Is she managing all her homework and projects, planning her work ahead of time, or being proactive to reach out to professors to ask questions? 

  • Can she articulate what kind of help she needs?

  • Is he managing his time well?  Is he eating well?  Is he on time? 

  • Is she making good decisions, resisting social temptations, and focusing on her work?

  • How would I know if he is doing OK...before it is too late? Is he going to tell me? 

Coaching for college students focuses on building executive function skills so that you can better organize your day, plan ahead, manage time, and prioritize tasks to better maneuver your full day. We will help develop a set of tools and tactics so that you can feel good about yourself and be more confident.   

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Executive Function Challenges for College Students

Take a quick questionnaire to evaluate your executive function skills!

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