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Let's Get Shit Done

Let's Get Shit Done


Up Your Productivity

transformational coaching

through  Productivity Improvement,  Leadership Development,  Project Management Skills,  and  Executive Function 

For    Professionals with/without

Diagnosed, Undiagnosed, Self-Diagnosed ADHD


ADHD・Executive Function

Executive function (EF) is a set of self-management skills that include: 

  •     Working Memory                   

  •     Flexible Thinking     

  •     Goal Setting

  •     Planning and Organization     

  •     Prioritization          

  •     Self-Control/Impulsivity

These functions are interrelated and operate in coordination with each other. Our brain coordinates this command center and utilizes these skills throughout the day. 

ADHD is a neurological condition involving a developmental impairment of the self-management system that relies on EF. Most people with ADHD struggle with multiple executive function skills making everyday activities more challenging. 

Although ADHD is almost always defined by weakness in executive function skills, many people do not have ADHD yet need support with their EF skills.


Transformational Coaching 
60 min.

Transformational coaching at OptimalMinds focuses on identifying alternative ways to optimize your overall performance from the executive function level. We evaluate how EF is affecting your ability to bring results and how improving EF skills maximizes your potential.

Our approach is a holistic one integrating all the aspects of business skill sets. This is because building executive function skills are not enough in the workplace. Your EF skills have to be built in the context of productivity improvement, project management, and leadership development. To build a successful career, competencies in all these areas have to be met, and executive function skills have to be reinforced accordingly.

We take an integrated approach to ensure your EF skills and ADHD traits are strengthened to up your productivity level through project management skills and leadership. Through discussions, you will gain not only a better understanding of your traits and reasons behind your own behavioral patterns but also learn how these skills can be developed at the workplace that directly connects to bringing more tangible results. 


Why "transformational coaching"?

How executive functions skills are used to build competencies of 3 critical business performance areas

Productivity, Executive Function, Project Management and Leadership

How exactly do they influence my behaviors at the workplace?

How executive dysfunction is translated into behaviors that could jeopardize
each stage of the project management cycle. 

Executive dysfunction across project management cycleproject management
What is Coaching?

What is "coaching"Anyway?

How is "coaching" different from therapy or consulting?

What is the difference between Coaching - Consulting - Counseling (4).png

Why OptimalMinds?

Coaching, ADHD Coaching and Professional Coaching Combination
Coaching Philosophy

about my coaching

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is a tool for you to develop tools to begin your transformational process. Throughout your life, you meet new challenges continuously both at the work or at home. These are, sometimes, tough challenges and and you may not be able to overcome them with existing skillset and perspectives. Adapting to the new situation with new challenges is not just about accepting the challenge. It is about gaining new skills to cope and perspectives to welcome the challenges. This is how you continue to move forward never staying in the same spot. 


I specialize in ADHD and executive function coaching, but for professionals, building EF skills is not enough. You want to develop EF skills in the context of improving productivity, advancing your career, and developing leadership. You need to explore all the possibilities for becoming a better "you" by optimizing your performance. My "transformational coaching" is based on an integrated approach by framing EF skills with all aspects of the business including project management, leadership, and productivity.

Coaching Method

I will listen to you. But I will also ask questions. Sometimes, I might even challenge you. My job as a coach is to help you see things from a different point of view. 

We zero in on your traits and behavioral patterns so that we can pinpoint blockers that may be bringing down your overall productivity. We also explore your hidden drivers and motivation to use that as fuel to overcome challenges.

Through discussions, we develop effective tactics and turnkey actions to revamp your processing style and efficient time management. My goal is to get you to work smarter, not harder.  

Coaching Process

Our coaching sessions are built around a discussion with thought provoking questions that enhance more self-awareness and self-discovery through ADHD/executive function lens. 

Below are the top 4 elements you can expect from our coaching sessions.

  • FORWARD THINKING: Coaching focuses on the future self. You define where you want to go and who you want to become and coaching helps you get there.


  • STRENGTH-BASED:   We identify your core strengths and use that to build better processing strategies. We build a toolset that is specific to your characters, circumstances, capacity, skills, and values.

  • ACCOUNTABILITIES Every week, you will have a set of strategies to practice on. On the following week, we evaluate how you did. Remember, there will be a lot of baby steps and that's what matters the most. 

  • REVISE & REPEAT: We evaluate how your new strategies influenced your efficiency and effectiveness. We adjust, revise and keep working on them until they become natural to your everyday habit. 

About Me


Aki is a certified ADHD and life coach who focuses on helping professionals to develop the necessary skills to become better leaders. Using her experience as a management consultant, she identifies areas of potential improvement and provides insights into how her clients can optimize their workflow to maximize their daily productivity.

How It Works

The sessions are 60 minutes.  ​


Online booking is available until 6 hours prior to the appointment time just in case you could not plan it ahead. You can cancel or reschedule up to 3 hours prior just in case something comes up.

To cancel or reschedule, please make an online account so that you can manage everything online on your end. You can also contact me via e-mail.

If you are interested in coaching, you can sign up for a 45-min introductory session at a discounted rate (here.) We can spend time to better understand your traits and challenges and discuss how coaching can help. 



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What People Say...

"I was diagnosed with ADHD later in life, so I have learned to hide my executive function challenges even from myself and experienced a lot of shame about them through my life. Someone in my grad school program recommended getting an ADHD coach and recommended Aki to me. Investing in myself by working with Aki and fully committing to the process has been life changing. Her expertise in executive dysfunctions, her fabulous energy, support, and shared enthusiasm for my goals and the milestones on the way are just a few of the ingredients that have led to a new level of understanding and self-acceptance, confidence in my ability to overcome the challenges I face, and reduced anxiety about being able to reach my goals. I enthusiastically recommend committing to a 3-month program with Aki to move closer to your dreams at any stage in life."

—  Laura B., WA

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