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ADHD assistance for professionals

professional coaching
for adhd adults 


Productivity       Career & Leadership      Project Management Skills       Executive Function Skills 

For  busy, overworked, exhausted Professionals

with/without Diagnosed, un-Diagnosed, self-Diagnosed adhD

Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri:
9am - 4pm (EST) / 7am - 2pm (MST)

Some of the common challenges
of ADHD professionals...

Does any of these things sound familiar?

  • Great at getting urgent/quick "put out fires" tasks, but cannot create long-term project plans. Difficult to break up a big project into smaller pieces with milestones with the appropriate time estimates and the right sequence.

  • Perfectionism makes it difficult to complete tasks. Sometimes, I even get afraid of starting projects because I may not be able to be "perfect." So, I divert to small tasks I can easily "complete" to check off at least many small things.

  • I am so into something interesting. I come up with great ideas. I am so good at it! But if it is not interesting, I just cannot do it and drag it for weeks. I try to do it, but I procrastinate and do something more interesting. Then I realize I put that off again...then I start asking, "Why am I always like this?" Then I start blaming myself, and that gets emotionally hard to deal with, so I end up doing something else again.  

  • Wait until the last minute, although I know I must start early. I know my anxiety builds up, and that is unbearable. But still cannot start anytime earlier. 

  • Feel like working so hard throughout the day but always realize nothing is done at the end of the day.

  • Cannot prioritize - jump into things right in front of me. i.e.) the e-mail on top of my screen, or the phone call I get at that moment. Cannot plan out the day to get the critical things done.

  • I have multiple planners, notes, or stickies because I fear forgetting them. I write down things to remember but cannot remember where I wrote them. Because of this, I am always afraid of "forgetting things" and "including things" in all my tasks. 

  • I am a lister. I like to list things because that helps me think through what I need to do in detail. But when I look at it afterward, it is so overwhelming, and I cannot even look at it. 

  • I know I need to be more proactive and strategically think about what to do. But I feel like I have no time to think through it. I always end up responding to quick requests or end up doing smaller tasks throughout the day.

  • When I hyperfocus, I get many things done, but it only happens at the last minute. I desperately wish it had happened earlier, but it never happens.

  • I know what to do in the next few days or next week, but I cannot see anything further down. So, I never have enough time to prepare for meetings or finish the report. 


Too much to read? Here is a 2-minute summary


Strength-Based Professional Coaching for ADHD Adults 
50 min.

Improving your executive function skills in the context of business competencies

OptimalMinds offers an adult ADHD coaching service that optimizes overall performance at the executive function level. We assess the impact of executive function (EF) on your ability to achieve results and identify alternative methods to enhance your EF skills to maximize your potential.


Our approach is holistic and encompasses connecting executive function skills with business management. To thrive in your career, you have to demonstrate solid competencies in productivity improvement, project management, and leadership development, with corresponding reinforcement of your executive function skills.


We adopt an integrated approach that strengthens your executive function skills and ADHD traits to increase productivity through project management skills and leadership. During our discussions, we facilitate a deeper understanding of your traits and behavioral patterns and guide you in developing these skills in the workplace to generate more tangible outcomes.

competencies we focus on

How executive functions skills are used to build competencies
(in 3 critical business performance areas)

How executive functions skills are used to improve your productivity, project mangement skills and leadership.

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example: how exactly your executive function nfluences your behaviors at the workplace?

How executive function skills are translated into behaviors that could hinder your performance
(at each stage of the project management cycle)

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How ADHD affects project management skills
Why OptimalMinds?

why optimalminds?

the difference

To optimize the effectiveness of strategies to mitigate ADHD traits, our sessions prioritize applying tactics tailored to the client's business performance and capacity to excel in a professional setting.
The tactics we develop are designed to be applied to the client's specific job type and tasks in the text of their ADHD traits, as each individual's circumstances vary significantly. For example:


  • Client A: Communication strategy to be more articulate, convincing, and concise to improve his leadership capacity and apply for further career advancement.

  • Client B: Strategic project management thinking to capture an overall aspect of the project and then create more detailed plans and how to engage in each task to continue pursuing long-term projects.

  • Client C: Strategic prioritization process to analyze and identify daily, weekly, and monthly tasks based on required time, complexity level of the task, # of people involved, and criticality level.

addresing 3 touch points

To effectively address ADHD traits and executive function while cultivating management skills, focusing on three key mindsets is crucial. For example, simply understanding your time blindness and learning how to tackle that is not enough at the workplace. It is necessary to develop tailored tactics specific to the particular business type, tasks, responsibilities, and techniques involved.

For instance, if a client struggles with building project plans, it is not enough to only devise improved time estimation methods. Instead, it is important to delve deeper into:

  • evaluation criteria and its complexity

  • key success factors

  • sequencing and key building blocks

  • phasing and milestone identification


These are all relevant to the client's specific job type and subject matter expertise (SMEs).


During coaching sessions, creating project plans together utilizing whiteboards or discussion boards is common, allowing them to implement identified tactics in real time and successfully complete tasks during the session.

Career growth strategies for adults with ADHD

ADHD tactics must be customized to meet the specific demands and circumstances of the individual. A one-size-fits-all approach to ADHD coaching is insufficient for professionals because it fails to account for each client's unique needs. This may result in strategies not applying to their skill set or job requirements.


As an optimization-focused coach, I aim to maximize output while minimizing input by utilizing your strengths. To achieve this, we adopt a three-pronged approach encompassing ADHD coaching, professional coaching, and personalized improvement consulting. By combining these aspects, we offer a holistic service that empowers clients to manage their careers effectively and continue to grow.

how is coaching different from therapy?


Coaching focuses on how you want to become in the future and how to get there. Under a broad "goal," we identify multiple milestones and explore how to build skills to go through the milestones. The discussions are more tactical and solution-oriented.

Difference between coaching and therapy
People Walking

about adhd/executive function

Executive function (EF) is a set of self-management skills that include: 

  •     Working Memory                   

  •     Flexible Thinking     

  •     Goal Setting

  •     Planning and Organization     

  •     Prioritization          

  •     Self-Control/Impulsivity

These functions are interrelated and operate in coordination with each other. Our brain coordinates this command center and utilizes these skills throughout the day. 

ADHD is a neurological condition involving a developmental impairment of the self-management system that relies on EF. Most people with ADHD struggle with multiple executive function skills, making everyday activities more challenging. 

Although ADHD is almost always defined by weakness in executive function skills, many people do not have ADHD yet need support with their EF skills.

Coaching Philosophy

Client Job types

My current clientele consists of individuals from various industries, including:

Investment Banker                Management Consultant

Lawyer                                                                       Professor

Entrepreneurs/Start-up CEO                               Editor

Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals Professional        Account Executive

Finance Executive                                                   Musician

Therapist/Counselor                                              Small Business Owner

PhD Student                                                             Actor

Coaching method

Don't work harder. Work Smarter. 

As a coach, I provide guidance and facilitate a fresh perspective that encourages you to challenge your thinking and ask probing questions. I seek to understand your traits and behavioral patterns to identify hidden performance blockers that may be hindering your overall productivity. Furthermore, I explore your underlying drivers and motivations to leverage them as catalysts for overcoming challenges.


Through in-depth discussions, we develop targeted tactics that are actionable so that you can practice using them during that week. Through weekly meetings, we review and adjust tactics as needed; by repeating and practicing these tactics, you develop new behavioral and thinking patterns to break through your ADHD traits. My primary objective is to help you work more intelligently and efficiently, optimizing your performance.

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching serves as a powerful tool for individuals seeking to embark on a transformational journey. Life often presents continuous challenges, whether in the workplace or at home, which may be difficult to surmount using existing skillsets and perspectives. Adapting to novel situations and challenges demands not only acceptance but also the acquisition of new skills and perspectives to manage them effectively, thus enabling personal growth and progress.

As an expert in ADHD and executive function coaching, I understand that developing EF skills alone is inadequate for professionals seeking to optimize their performance. My coaching services strive to integrate EF skills into all aspects of the business, including project management, leadership, and productivity, in order to develop your potential holistically. By exploring every avenue of personal development, my transformational coaching approach fosters a comprehensive and integrated approach to empower you to reach your goals and achieve success.

Coaching Process

Our coaching sessions are built around a discussion with thought-provoking questions that enhance self-awareness and self-discovery through an ADHD/executive function lens. It is a journey, and as a coach, I assist you every step of the way.

Below are the top 4 elements you can expect from our coaching sessions.

  • FORWARD THINKING: Coaching focuses on your future "self." We first define what kind of skillset you want to have, where you want to go in your career, and who you would like to be. Then we figure out exactly what we need to do to get there step by step.


  • STRENGTH-BASEDWe identify your core strengths, source of motivation, what energizes or excites you, and your best information processing style. Then we create the best tactics using them so that tactics are implemented easily and more naturally... because they are based on your strengths. We build a toolset that is specific to your characters, circumstances, capacity, skills, and values.

  • ACCOUNTABILITIES Every week, you will have a set of strategies to practice. In the following week, we evaluate how you did. Practice makes progress. It does not happen overnight. There will be a lot of baby steps and coaching pushes you to accumulate those baby steps to see what they all become when collected together. 

  • REVISE & REPEAT: We evaluate how your new strategies improved efficiency and effectiveness. We revise, adjust, or keep working on them until these strategies become your everyday habit, enhancing your self-confidence and giving momentum to keep moving forward.

About Me


Aki is a certified ADHD and life coach specializing in assisting professionals to build the critical skills needed to excel as leaders. Leveraging her extensive background as a management consultant, Aki performs a comprehensive analysis to pinpoint areas of opportunity for growth and delivers valuable insights on how her clients can streamline their workflow to enhance daily productivity.

how It works

The sessions are 50 minutes.  ​


We offer online booking for appointments up to 6 hours in advance, providing flexibility for unforeseen discussion needs.


If you need to change your appointment, we kindly request notification no later than 12 hours before the scheduled time.

Our online booking system facilitates easy cancellation or rescheduling and enables appointment management through a personalized account. Should you require assistance or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

For those interested in coaching services, we welcome you to sign up for a 45-minute introductory session at a discounted rate via this link. During this session, we better understand your unique traits and challenges and explore how coaching can effectively support your personal and professional growth.

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What People Say...

By availing this coaching service, I witnessed a transformative shift in my long-standing behavior patterns that I had struggled to change for years. Previously, I habitually procrastinated on project-related tasks, causing inconvenience to those around me. Through this coaching experience, I acquired invaluable skills in scoping out my schedule, planning ahead, and working efficiently to complete tasks well before deadlines, eliminating the last-minute rush.

The standout feature of this coaching lies in the attentive approach to incorporating my unique character and opinions into creating strategies to address my ADHD traits. The open environment facilitated by the coach allowed me to ask questions and engage in meaningful debates freely. She listened actively and delved into conversations to understand my thoughts thoroughly. Our discussions consistently went beyond the surface, uncovering deeper insights and leading to more effective solutions tailored to my needs. The advice was specific and meticulously thought out, grounded in evidence and practicality, making it easily applicable from the very next day.

Moreover, the coach played a crucial role in helping me recognize my accomplishments, some of which I hadn't even considered. While facing challenges in adhering to my decisions, focusing on small achievements allowed me to maintain a positive attitude throughout the process. The coach's insightful observations highlighted my accomplishments, no matter how minor, contributing significantly to my overall progress.

Addressing the investment aspect, it's undeniable that the cost is not trivial, especially in Japan. However, for individuals on ADHD medication without seeing improvement, this coaching is not just an opportunity for self-improvement; it proves to be a highly effective method for self-discovery and optimizing time management. The benefits extend beyond mere productivity enhancement.

Engaging in dialogue and in-depth discussions with the coach brought to light aspects of my behavior that I wouldn't have noticed working alone. The coach's presence throughout the process served as a motivating force, propelling me toward successful self-improvement. The collaborative approach significantly expedited the transformation, and I believe that attempting this journey alone would have taken much longer with less substantial results.

If you tirelessly strive for increased productivity without tangible progress or are unsure where to begin your improvement journey, this coaching is a definitive solution. It offers a profound understanding of your situation and behavioral patterns, paving the way for developing personalized ADHD strategies. I wholeheartedly urge you to take the step and reach out to her—it's a decision that can truly make a difference.

—  Kei M. Tokyo

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